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Denied overtime pay? Are your receiving the same exact hourly rate of pay even though you work more than 40 hours per week? If you answered yes than you are probably entitled to compensation. Employment Law is often a complex area of legal practice and our Labor and Employment attorneys can answer your questions. For example overtime pay is a right for hourly workers, perhaps your employer pays you a "straight salary" when in fact you should be receiving an hourly wage with overtime rights according to the Florida Department Labor and the U.S. Department of Labor. The Fair Labor Standards Act also known as the FLSA vests these employment rights in all eligible workers. Some people refer to the FLSA as the "overtime law". Actually the FLSA is more comprehensive and addresses more than issues surrounding overtime pay for unpaid overtime and unpaid salary.

Told To Arrive Early To Work before you actually punch in? Are you told you have to work after you punch out? If you answered yes, then you are probably entitled to compensation. If you think you have a claim, speak to our labor and employment law department staffed by a Miami Employment Lawyer, Florida Labor attorney in Plantation Broward County or West Palm Beach Florida Employment Lawyers in order to get answers to your Florida employment labor law questions to know your employee rights.

Does Your Pay Stub Reflect Fewer Hours than you actually work? If you answered yes, then you are probably entitled to compensation.

Does Your Employer Deduct Time For Lunch Breaks even when you do not take lunch breaks?

Even If You are paid in cash you may have a case.

Even If Your boss has given you a title such as manager or supervisor and are paid a weekly salary and you work over 40 hours per week you may have a case.

Call Rubenstein Law Our wage and hour Florida employment law attorneys can help you recover money that your are owed by your employer. Employment laws in the United States and Employment Law in Florida provides workers with certain rights. Sometimes employers do not honor your employment rights and our employment lawyers can help you. Remember you have rights and we want to help you be treated fairly by your employer. Employment laws must be followed by your employer. When these employment laws are ignored by your employer your rights are being ignored and I want to help you enforce your Florida employment rights.

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